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Thriving's Founder:
Fiona Barry
BA(Hons). Dip NT mNTOI. mANP rGNC. Reflexology. Bio-energy. Reiki. 


  • BA (Hons) in Human Development

  • Nutritional Therapist

  • Reflexologist

  • Bio-Energy Therapist

  • Reiki and Seichem Practitioner

  • Indian Head Massage Therapist

Nutritional Therapist 

I am a member of NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland), the professional association supporting qualified Nutritional Therapists in Ireland.

NTOI members study for a minimum of 3 years at a recognised college and are trained in clinical practice. They are fully insured and must comply with the NTOI requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

I also am a member of Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and Naturopathic Professions regulator the General Naturopathic Council as a Registered Naturopath.

Other Listings

Nutritionist on the Plant Based Doctors organisation with natural practitioners:

Irish vegan’s official nutritionists:

About Fiona

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a soul mind and a tranquil spirit.
Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness” –  Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

 Wellness is my passion.

Over the past ten years I have worked to educate myself and develop my knowledge of the body, mind and soul, and wish to help empower others to seek wellness within themselves and find peace of mind.

From a young age, I have been passionate about helping people create wellness in their life through the symbiotic relationship a healthy mind, body, and spirit so they become healthier and happier.


My understanding of the mind grew out of my B.A degree in Humanities in Human Development and Irish in DCU. Throughout the course of my studies, I developed knowledge of the needs and capacities of human beings through various different lenses: psychology, sociology and philosophy. These pathways furnished my understanding of the mind and the various ways of supporting it through courses such as ‘Learning and Motivation’ to ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy’.


I have continued to learn and grow my appreciation and awareness of the body, and I studied Naturopathic Nutrition for three years to become a Nutritional Therapist. Recently, I have dedicated time to develop my knowledge further in Ayurveda, Plant based Cooking and Naturopathy through studies in India. My understanding of the body also extends to bodywork treatments such as Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.


Nurturing the soul and a spiritual connection has been equally important to me. I have pursed more alternative healing courses through Bio-Energy Healing, Reiki, and Sound Healing, as well as undertaking training to become a Meditation Teacher. The desire to develop my spirituality emerged four years ago when I started practicing meditation and mantra yoga meditation. As my practice deepened so too did my spiritual experiences which led me to India and the heart of mantra meditation. During my numerous trips, I have been honoured to learn mantra, ayurveda, pranayama and ritual in the Brahmin tradition across the Himalayas.

How Can I Support You?



✔ Stress management; better sleep; promote relaxation; fertility and pregnancy reflexology (with nutrition support available); and complimentary conventional therapies.

Nutrition or Self-Care Support:

✔ Support and guidance with plant based, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

✔ Support for IBS and common stomach and digestive problems; hormone imbalances; lack of vitality; low energy; low immune system; headaches; fatigue; poor sleep and insomnia; food intolerances; psoriasis; eczema; brain fog; mood swings; cravings; and optimal nutritional support for adults and children.

✔ Stress management; self-care techniques; breathing techniques (such as pranayama and abdominal breathing); lifestyle changes; emotional support; introduction to meditation(s); heal and alter relationships with food and develop a new mindset and confidence to your relationship with food.