A Nutrition Clinic for Whole living & Whole lifestyle.


Whole living starts by creating a fulfilling and emotionally supportive lifestyle that supports your mind, body and soul. 

Fiona Barry-
BA (Hons), Dip NT, mNTOI, mANP rGNC, Dip Reflexology. Reiki. Bio-energy. 

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Boost your Nutrition


Relax with Reflexology


As a Qualified Nutritionist (Dip NT) mNTOI, I use Nutritional Therapy to give people the tools to help themselves. 

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How Can I Support You?

Nutrition or Self-Care Support:

✔ Support and guidance with plant based, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

✔ Support for IBS and common stomach and digestive problems; hormone imbalances; lack of vitality; low energy; low immune system; headaches; fatigue; poor sleep and insomnia; food intolerances; psoriasis; eczema; brain fog; mood swings; cravings; and optimal nutritional support for adults and children.

✔ Stress management; self-care techniques; breathing techniques (such as pranayama and abdominal breathing); lifestyle changes; emotional support; introduction to meditation(s); heal and alter relationships with food and develop a new mindset and confidence to your relationship with food.


✔ Stress management; better sleep; promote relaxation; fertility and pregnancy reflexology (with nutrition support available); and complimentary conventional therapies.